Carla Hill Photography is an Atlanta based photography company. We create permanent visual images for a wide range of creative, technical and documentary purposes. We specialize in event, portraiture and lifestyle photography ensuring that the value of the portraits will grow over time.

About Me

I'm a Georgia Peach who loves to laugh. Taking pictures of people, places, and things is my thang! My ultimate goal is to have a chain of Photography studios across the USA.

If I'm not taking pictures or editing videos, you can find me at a comedy club, a concert, the movies, dining at a fine restaurant or just hanging out with family and friends.

Carla Hill Photography (photocarla) began in 2009 after I was laid off from my job. My husband pushed me to pursue my lifelong passion for photography. I discovered my love for capturing moments as a little girl. That love followed me throughout high school and college where I was a yearbook photographer.

My images span the range from themed compositions relating to lifestyle and social events to sports.

Mission: Shoot great photos and exceed client expectations.

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